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This official launch of CASA-1000 Project will be a historical milestone for each of us as a symbol of the start of real cooperation among the countries of the wider region of Central and South Asia.
A new portal for issuance of electronic visas “e-Visa”, which enables foreign citizens willing to enter the Tajikistan with tourist or business visas, commences its operation.

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Tajikistan may hold a key to economic and political progress in the region that is vital to U.S. and NATO security interests in regards to the War on Terror.



We are delighted to announce that the Finland Tajikistan Friendship Association has opened research library with majority of Tajikistan's 100 + cultural and scientific books. It is an essential resource for scientists and researchers regarding today’s Tajikistan. Books are available upon request.


The General Council in 10th of December 2012 paved the way for Tajikistan’s membership of the WTO by approving its accession package. Tajikistan would have to ratify the deal by 7 June 2013 and would become a WTO member 30 days after the ratification.


In the evening of October 23rd the President of the country Emomali Rahmon arrived for an official visit in Helsinki City – the capital of Finland.
The Head of Tajik state Emomali Rahmon began his visit programme in Finland from the meeting with compatriots living in this country.



Can the euro be saved or will it fall apart, bringing down the European project with it? My answer is a firm, yes; it can and should be saved. But it is another matter whether European politicians are actually able to deliver this.


As we approach the home-straight of 2011, media attention surrounding the Rogun Dam in Tajikistan has begun to swell, primarily because the World-Bank is scheduled to publish their impact assessment on the safety of the dam in early 2012.


Water has been the defining element on the route from my homeland Tajikistan to my current place of residence, Finland.  I have been living in Finland for several years now, but I have grown up by the river Karatog, where I learned to respect the power of water and its importance to the wellbeing of people. Water does not only give life to everything that we see around us, it also enables us to improve our lives in many ways.