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Tajikistan - Tourism

Whether your interest is mountaineering, trekking, adventure travel or business, find the travel information that you need at FTFA! FTFA is a comprehensive guide to travel and tourism in Tajikistan, including flight schedules, visa and entry requirements, and other essential travel information. There are opportunities for alpine mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, horse or camel riding, historical exploration, cultural experiences or simply relaxing among dramatic mountains and lakes.

The populated valleys have a rich history. In former times, Tajikistan was at the crossroads of Asia and four major Silk Road routes passed through the Pamir and Fann mountains.
In 2009, the program on integration of ecological tourism on the slopes of the Hissar Mountains has been launched according to the United Nations Development Programme project on "Biodiversity Hissar Mountains".
This project involves the development of ecotourism 3 specially protected areas (SPA).

Why eco-tourism?
Ecotourism is the only direction in the tourism industry that is vitally interested in preserving its main resource - the natural environment or its individual components (monuments of nature, certain species of animals or plants, etc.). When the local population is involved in the process of eco-tourism, these people are also becoming interested in using these resources based on economy rather than removal. Distinguishing factors of ecotourism are that it can prevent a negative impact on the environment and encourage tour operators and tourists to promote environmental protection and socio- economic development.
Community Based Tourism - is the practice of providing cost-effective travel services of natural origin with the use of local individual accommodation, food, music, art, gifts and traditions.
Community Based Tourism - is an excellent and valuable tourist experience that supports the rational and sustainable development. CBT gives travelers the opportunity of real stay in the houses, villages and places of historical and cultural heritage despite the fact that host families will have all the revenue.
Specially protected areas (SPA) are objects of national heritage. They are the land, water surface and air above them, where natural complexes and objects of special environmental, scientific, cultural, aesthetic, recreational and curative value exist. By the decisions of authority they are fully or partially withdrawn from agricultural use, and have special protection.